Conference Calls on Republican Majority to Bring Domestic Violence Legislative Package to a Vote Immediately

(Albany, NY) The Senate Democratic Conference today held a public forum on the need to provide additional protections for those affected by domestic violence. The forum was convened to highlight legislation sponsored by members of the Democratic Conference which the Senate Republican Majority has refused to move out of committee and bring to the floor for a vote. Attendees at today’s forum included Democratic Senators as well as activists, legislators and criminal justice professionals.

“The Senate Democratic Conference has sponsored multiple pieces of legislation that will provide dignity and greater protection to the victims of domestic violence,” Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson said. “Unfortunately, the Senate Republicans have refused to bring these bills to the floor for a vote, choosing to play politics rather than protect vulnerable New Yorkers. In light of their national party’s opposition to the Violence Against Women Act, it is more important than ever for the Senate Republican Majority to join us in passing this legislative package.” Click here to read the rest of Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson’s post.

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