What is the Coalition for Women Prisoners?

Coordinated by the Correctional Association’s Women in Prison Project, the Coalition for Women Prisoners is a state-wide alliance of more than 1,600 people and 100 organizations.Members include people with criminal justice histories, social service providers, community-based organizations, lawyers, teachers, students, faith leaders, and concerned individuals.

The Coalition’s goals are to: ensure that criminal justice policy is fair, addresses women’s specific needs and protects their rights; end the criminal justice system’s unjust response to domestic violence survivors convicted of crimes directly related to abuse; protect incarcerated mothers’ ability to maintain bonds with and rights to their children; eliminate barriers to reentry and allow women make a safe and productive return to their communities after prison; educate the public and policymakers about key criminal justice issues affecting women and families; and facilitate formerly incarcerated women’s leadership in efforts to change policies that directly affect their lives.